Alphanumeric is run by academic experts who are passionately committed and involved in not only the professional success of their students but their personality development as well.

All of them have over 11 years of teaching experience in their respective domains making them some of the top CAT mentors in the nation today.

Let us take a sneak peek at the profile of these dedicated teaching specialists who are making a positive difference in the lives of several CAT aspirants -


Nitin is the founder and chief mentor at Alphanumeric. He is an experienced skilled trainer with an astounding command over Quant/DI concepts. He has the potentcaliber to translate even the toughest portions of any subject with ease to CAT aspirants and teaches with enthusiasm, passion and dedication. This innate quality of his has endeared him to all his students who never miss his classes for the valuable inputs he imparts. They always approach him for suggestions and guidance making himunarguably one of the best QA/DA faculties present in India today.
Nitin’s knack at simplifying complex problems and concepts to the needs of his students is his biggest USP at Alphanumeric. He not only drives his students to success butalso mentors trainers who teach CAT aspirants across the country.
Besides being an amazing coach and trainer, Nitin as a person, is very friendly, compassionate and kind. He loves traveling, enjoys world cinema and is very much into adventure sports and activities. Students enjoy every moment of his training sessions making him widely popular both at Alphanumeric and on social media portals like Facebook!


Rahul Ranjan is one of the principal Verbal trainers at Alphanumeric. He has a successful mentoring background of over 10 years in English. He is extremely devoted, enthusiastic and committed to the complete learning needs of his students in the class. Rahul is an original, innovative and creative teacher using some of the best English language training techniques in verbal so that students clearly remember difficult concepts and words. He explains very complex language structure issues with ease making him a highly respected teacher at Alphanumeric.
Rahul is a finance topper from SIBM, Pune and a vocabulary expert in English. He uses innovative story- telling and visual vocabulary techniques to ensure that his students build a solid base in the language. This effective English language skill strategy makes his classes interestingly enjoyable, engaging and interactive. Moreover, this teaching technique is used only by a few in India and we are fortunate to have Rahul on board our Faculty Team at Alphanumeric!
In his personal life, Rahul is an avid reader of a wide variety of novels and loves solving crossword puzzles and watching movies. Besides his passion for teaching English, he is also a successful owner of a restaurant and runs a profitable food business in Delhi.

Umesh Dhingra

Umesh Dhingra is another key mentor and faculty at Alphanumeric. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and has several years of teaching experience under his belt for CAT aspirants. He has successfully been associated with Tata Steel for 17 years and sports a potent corporate marketing & sales background. Subsequent to his successful stint with Tata Steel, Umesh has worked with one of the top CAT coaching institutes in India for over 14 years as PDP Trainer.
Umesh’s teaching methods are modern and students find his innovative classes a solid learning ground for mastering the diverse concepts of CAT. He goes the extra mile to counsel and guide all his students to perform well in the examination. His industry background helps students get an accurate insight into the challenges and demands of the nation today.
As a teacher Umesh is very approachable and his student-friendly attitude makes him one of the biggest assets at Alphanumeric today. Besides being a wonderful teacher, Umesh also is a talented photographer having a keen interest in politics and fond of cooking in his spare time.